Saturday, August 23, 2008

Greek 5K--2008

My running life has made one full circle. Last year I ran my first ever 5k and I ran it this year hoping to do it a little faster. I ran my best time yet! It was 32:07! Yay, last year it was 33:45 I think, a few more years and I might get under that 30 minute barrier. I'm not giving up until I get there.
Here I am, still smiling at mile 2.
Whoo hoo! I'm getting back into the running game. I feel like I am starting all over from scratch though. My sister drove up last night and ran her very first 5K with me this morning. I am so proud of her for trying something new and not giving up! It is really exciting though because she enjoyed it so much she is already talking about doing more. She even asked me if I thought she would be able to do the half marathon with me in April if she started training more. My answer...Of course! I've learned that you can do anything you put your mind to. God has given us these wonderful bodies that can be strong, powerful, and do great things when we take care of them.

Here we are at the end of the race.

I love watching people at the races and seeing them achieve all that they can. This race today was a fun one because there are baby joggers (those who push kids in strollers) wheelchair racers, people with their dogs, kids, people of all ages and body shapes, doing their personal best performances. I think I like it because it is a time that I truly feel a part of the human family. There are no prejudices and judgments, just friends running together and encouraging the best out of each other. This world should be more like a road race.


AZ Larsens said...

You're making me want to run in a marathon someday! If only I had someone to run with me. I'll have to work on that!

Laura D said...

I bet Charity would be crazy enough to run a marathon with you... I think I ran my personal best also! I can't wait til I get under 30 minutes! Maybe someday I won't always come in 4th! I know, so competitive... I should lighten up! And yes, every one is so nice during a race! All the racers cheer for you and tell you how good you are doing as thy pass you... hee hee. Maybe that is why thy tell you how good you are doing. They are really thinking, "sucker, at least I passed her." lol Competitive to the end!