Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Week of School

What a crazy and fun week! The kids finally returned to school this Monday and they are all enjoying their new schools. Ashlee and Adam are in a brand new shiny school close to our home. The new school has some familiar faces from the old one, but all new equipment. Ashlee was excited and said, "I am making history because I am one of the first students to ever go to this school and no one will be able to say that after this year." Adam also seems to be making the transition just fine.

Kiah started middle school this year and was a little nervous about having to change classes. She was smiling when she came home though and lit up as she told me about her teachers and classes. She is in Orchestra and Art this semester for her electives. She is really excited about both of those classes. She did however miss the bus home because she said she could not hear over the noise of the kids talking. She never called me but road another bus home. Both days she has returned home around 5pm!

Cole and I are enjoying our quiet time during the day. It is so nice to clean something and have it stay clean for longer than 10 minutes (although I have to follow Cole around constantly to accomplish this).

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edith said...

I can't believe how much Kiah looks like Nathan in that picture! Yay for school!