Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend, full of activity. First are some cute pictures of Cole. Nathan and I finally got around to refinishing our kitchen table. We've had it about seven years and it was looking pretty rough. Half of the finish was completely washed away and there were pen and marker stains. Now it is beautiful! Easy to do and I love the two toned look we ended up with. We decided not to mess with the legs. We also shopped, washed the car, went to the pool, and took a little time to relax.

On Sunday, the Alexandriana Ward met for the first time. Everything went smoothly. Nathan was the only speaker in Sacrament meeting. He explained our ward focus for the rest of the year, and I think he did a great job. People kept referring to things that he had said in his talk throughout their lessons the rest of the day. The main focus is "Come Unto Christ" by 1. By spiritually strengthening ourselves and families through daily family/personal prayer and scripture study and family home evening, and 2. Seeking, finding and inviting back the inactive members of our ward family.

I am the new gospel doctrine teacher which is very exciting and a bit scary for me. I haven't been with adults in years! I love the opportunity to really study the scriptures, and I am grateful for a ward full of people willing to participate. The scariest part of the day for me was actually relief society. We don't have a piano player yet, actually we only have 2 piano players in the whole ward, both are men. So, I offered to play if needed. I made lots of mistakes, but improved in the fact that I didn't stop everytime I made a mistake, I kept going. It was not what I hoped would happen, but Sister Ellis was kind enough to say it was better than plan B--singing to the cds. All in all, we have a great ward with lots of opportunity for everyone to serve and grow closer to our Heavenly Father. How exciting is that!

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AZ Larsens said...

Good for you, playing the piano in church! I know there's got to be more people in my ward that play but no one will admit to it! My secret is out so guess where I am? Yup, Primary Pianist! haha...