Thursday, March 27, 2008

Relief Society Birthday Bash

I've been quiet for a while because I have been super busy. I'm on the Enrichment Board and we have been preparing for our big quarterly activity. We had an amazing "Night at the Emmas" complete with a red carpet, paparazzi, nice dinner, and an recognition ceremony. On top of creating some of the computer awards and best dressed ballots, I made the birthday cake. It turned out pretty good, but I can tell I'm out of practice. The top layer was my favorite chocolate recipe and the bottom was my favorite almond white cake. I used gum paste for the first time to make the leaves and I even tried tulips (the ones on top are real).

We also got to get dressed up for the occasion! So here I am ready to walk the red carpet. Nathan bought this dress for me about three years ago, and this is the first opportunity that I've had to wear it. The bead work is beautiful, and I finally found a jacket that looks like it came with the dress. So now it is modest and wearable!


Amy & the boys said...

Charity, that cake is AMAZING. I have no clue how to make anything that remotely looks like that. I wish I could eat it! Your dress is gorgeous. What a nice hubby to buy it for you. You look great!

Charity said...

These pictures actually drive me nuts. I like them, but they make me look bigger than I am. I recently got into a size 10 jean! I haven't seen that number in 9 years, so I know I look better than what I see in the pictures. With all the great technology we have, why haven't they fixed the extra 10lbs we get from cameras?

Jenny said...

You look amazing Charity! The cake looks beautiful too! I am so inspired by your running. After I have this baby I am going to join in!!

edith said...

Your dress reminds me of this gorgeous thing Audrey Hepburn wore in the original Sabrina. How I love to dress up. (sigh) You would never know that from watching me wear the same pajamas for three days straight.
The cake is also beautiful. How I love to eat cake. (sigh)
I don't think running will ever be my thing. I need a walking buddy with the same non-schedule as I have.
You're so motivated!

Charity said...

*blushes* thanks you guys. I need to try and get some pictures up of the race Nathan and I did in Charlston. They are on my phone though and I can't figure out how to convert them. *sighs* maybe on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Charity I have a huge favor to ask of you in about two years I will ask again but this is a heads up would you be willing to make a wedding cake for me. love ya Matt