Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today we spent a lovely day at one of the state parks in the area. We walked the trails, played by the lake, and just enjoyed ourselves. Before we left we let the kids play on the playground. Here is Kiah chillin in her new shirt that her Granny gave her earlier in the day.

Hang in there! Adam loves the monkey bars. You can see the bandage where he fell off his bike--two days in a row! On the same spot. We are still trying to convince him to take the bandage off so it can start to scab over. Yeah, nice, I know.

Here is Miss Attitude herself. Ashlee is full of spunk and well, attitude is the only work I can think of. :) I actually love this picture.

And here is the little man. Cole got some new outfits for his birthday from Granny, a yellow one for me and a green one for Daddy. Gotta love the sand!

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Rob & Amy said...

Cute pictures. Your kids are adorable. It was rainy and cold here yesterday. It would've been nice to go to the park! NC is beautiful with all the trees.