Friday, October 5, 2007

Brixx 5K

Adam ran in the kid's sprint after we ran our race, see below. He thought he was hot stuff. He got to wear his dad's number. Adam is wearing a black shirt and light orange shorts, next to the girl in hot pink and yellow on the right of the picture. We thought it strange that so many parents felt the need to run beside their child for 200 feet. You can see all of them in the pic, and Adam running proudly by himself. We value independence! I wish the picture was close enough for you to see how big his smile was.

On Saturday, September 29, Nathan and I were able to run a 5k together. He was almost 4 minutes ahead of me, but we are both happy with our times. Two other friends ran with us, and their families helped watch our children while we ran. Nathan did the race in 29 minutes and some seconds (the chip reader was messed up so we only have gun time to guess from) and I stayed in my 33 minute zone. The last mile was all uphill, but at the end we all got free wood fired pizza.

Every time we run a race, the girls say they want to run with us. However, they never want to run during the week to practice. We've told them they have to run all the time with us before we will pay money to enter them in a race. I do hope they will eventually run with us. It is so much fun, and it feels great to have a healthy habit for once. Nathan and I have both been losing weight, and we have more energy to keep up with the kids. And we get new t-shirts each race :)

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