Friday, October 19, 2007

Today was the Parade of Fiction at school. Kiah decided to borrow my Prof. Trelawney costume. I have to say I think she looks better in it than me. Except for the fact that the skirt keeps falling off of her. I think her hair turned out great!

Ashlee is Moaning Myrtle. She wanted us to make her a toilet seat to wear around her neck, but we didn't get around to it. Instead, she is just going to scream and moan so people get it. I was afraid her hair would not be long enough, but I think it was just perfect. We just need to find some glasses for her and it would make a great Halloween costume.

Here is our little Harry Potter. He wiped his "scar" off twice before leaving the house. I had to go out in the backyard in the rain (yes! we are finally getting some rain!) to find him a stick because he had to have a wand. Kiah said we needed to measure it to make sure it was 13 inches long. That girl!

Here they are again. All three ready to go. We had such a time getting them ready for school that I drove them to the bus stop in my pjs. That is a big deal to Nathan and it should never happen! But sometimes it does. :)

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Rob & Amy said...

HA- that comment about the pj's just CRACKS me up!! They look really good in their costumes. Very believable!