Monday, March 10, 2014

Slow Winter, Cole and the Living Room

This has felt like the longest, slowest winter ever. And I'm so over it!

Our normally healthy family has been plagued by a stomach virus that comes and goes, comes and goes, and...well you get the idea. Between ice storms, snow and that virus, it seems like there is always someone at home with me. This isn't as horrible as I once felt it was, but I do miss my routine. Who knew I was such a creature of habit?

There have been some fun moments, as well as other things I'm grateful for.

Cole. He is growing up so fast! I love his sense of humor and the crazy way he is turning into a music lover. He just soaks up music from the radio. He'll tell me to go back to the songs he likes if I skip past them, then he will sing and dance in the car.

Here he is at his Celebration of the Arts night at school. They sang several songs and then he took me for a tour around the school to see all the artwork.

 Pointing to his bonsai tree art above him. 

The other fun thing is that we finally found a rug and chairs for the living room. We've been slowly purchasing the items needed to complete the living room. In Charlotte we always waited, thinking "one day we'll decorate it all at once." Here we've put in a better effort to do a little bit at a time so that it will actually happen. I think the living room is almost complete! We still want to get ceiling to floor curtains for the window wall. Something lighter that will soften our brown wall and pull everything together. Hopefully by the summer?
Doesn't it look comfy?!


Laura D said...

I knew you were a creature of habit! And Cole is getting so big. I can't wait to see you again!

Dorothy Abney said...

It does look comfy. Can't wait to come see it for myself.