Sunday, June 9, 2013

Soaking, Geocaching, Walking and just having fun.

 Yesterday we went back to Devil's Den to just sit by the creek and play. 
 Ashlee, Kiah, Charity
 We just relaxed.
Chewy didn't like being clean. Here he is rolling in the sand.

Afterward we drove back to Bentonville and did a little geocaching. We found and signed 3 of them in Compton Gardens. We've decided we need to hide a cache somewhere. It's on our Summer To-Do list. :)
 Two of them were just match stick containers.
 The last one was an actual box and we had fun swapping treats. I left a bookmark of course. ;)
Then we had fun goofing off on the way back to the van. These are near Crystal Bridges the Museum of American Art.

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Lindsey said...

so fun! I love geocaching!!!