Monday, May 27, 2013

Home Improvements 101

It's amazing the difference one month can make. When we bought our new home the grass hadn't even turned green yet. The previous owner had ripped out all the landscaping leaving us a blank slate to work with. Even better he included a certain dollar amount that he would pay us to put into the landscape because the HOA has certain requirements.
The day we moved in.
Stage 1: We planted the three plants and painted the wood on the porch/shutters a dark brown.
Stage 2: Painted the garage door to make it "pop" and planted some flowers.
Stage 3: Planted two maple trees and put in the mulch.
This side will be very pretty when they fill out.
This side needs a bit more work but it's a start.

And once again so you can compare:

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Sarah Ragatz said...

I LOVE the before and after. Being able to see the difference made your work so much more impressive than the pics on facebook!