Thursday, November 22, 2012

In the Beginning...Leaving Home

Six and a half years ago we moved to North Carolina. We didn't think much on it. It was just something we did regularly--move. However, we stayed there longer than we've ever stayed anywhere and something wonderful happened.

We made it our home.
Our time there was wonderful in all aspects other than Nathan's job. He hasn't been happy for years, and so the search began. It took several years to find a job tempting enough to move us from the home we loved so much, but it finally happened.

Two weeks ago we drove away from Charlotte to start a new adventure in Arkansas.
We'll keep you posted!


Kiyomi said...

This made my heart happy/sad/say "awwww!" and a million other things I can't even begin to articulate.
Praying for a smooth transition into your new home and new adventures!

Jen said...

Oh WOW! How exciting and I had no idea. Good luck in your new home. Can't wait to hear more.

Charity Bradford said...

Thanks Kiyomi and Jenn! I think I've been through all those million other emotions as well. It is exciting now that we've finally gotten here. That month before was so HARD though. I think we'll miss friends and little things about Charlotte for a long time.