Saturday, October 1, 2011

Link from Zelda

For my birthday I pooled some money from various places and bought myself a new sewing machine. :) It's great having one again. My old one broke about three years ago and I kept saying I was going to get it fixed. Oma and Opa sent some money and I sold some cakes. That's when I decided it was way easier to just buy a new sewing machine, and probably as cheap.

As soon as I had unpacked it and threaded it, projects piled up. I love being able to do these things though.

First up was a Halloween costume for Kiah. She came up with the idea and I did the sewing. (She needed it early for a youth activity.) She bought most of the stuff at Goodwill, including two green pillow cases that I used to make the tunic and hat. I think it turned out awesome!

Ashlee also needed a costume, but she's  not much of a planner. At least she figured something out at 6pm the night of the activity. We forked out the cash because we didn't have time to sew anything.
 Finally, Kiah dressed up for geek day at school. I didn't get the sweater tied on like a cape, but a friend at seminary totally did. When I asked, he said, "She's a super geek." Followed by the look that said, "Duh!"

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