Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The rest of August, a month late.

Now that September is almost gone, I guess I should finish off the events of August. Immediately after Ashlee's b-day was mine. The day started with the first seminary inservice meeting of the year. It ran a little longer than most of the monthly meetings and included soup and salad from Olive Garden. I'd say that's a great start!

Then we hung out at the pool for four or five hours. It was wonderful not to have to do anything but relax. After the pool, we went home, cleaned up and went out for Chineese food. Lovely!

Nathan put this together for me. Doesn't it look yummy! Angel food cake is fat free, did you know that? Lots of sugar here, but no fat.
Traditional "happy, happy, hang over your head." I got a nice bag to carry my laptop in for my frequent trips to the library, and a cordless mouse. Perfect!
Then we got silly with the balloons! I think this picture is just too much!

Two days later, Nathan and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Here is a little slide show of the beginning of our story. I had hoped to add more pictures, but never got around to it. All that searching, scanning, cropping, removing ink stains slowed me down.

The rest of August was devoted to getting the kids back in school and me out of bed in time for seminary each morning. I guess I'm a really bad parent, because I didn't take any "first day of school" photos this year. I should have. A1 joined K at the middle school.

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Jennifer M said...

Love that slideshow! How fun to see you through the years.

You guys are so great. Happy Anniversary!