Thursday, July 1, 2010

More June catch up

Adam went to cub scout camp this year. I don't have any pictures, but he loved it. Canoeing, fishing, archery, BB guns, knots, crafts, soccer, volleyball, and tons of other stuff. I loved his comment after the first day.

A: I got a bullseye today, but it was on someone else's target.

On Wednesday he brought home the targets from the BB guns. He is a natural! I was shocked to see how good my 8 year old is at shooting. When did he learn that?

The same week Adam was at camp, I made a wedding cake and team taught a class with Nathan at Youth conference. The class was on dating. It was really nice to do that together.

Here is a picture of the finished bride's cake and groom's cake.

And yes, I cut out the Duke devil myself.

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