Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flash Fiction!

I just received an email that read as follows:

Your story has been accepted for web publication by 365 Tomorrows. It will appear on the front page and will be archived within the site under the name you submitted with it. Thank you for your submission, and we hope that you contribute to 365 again in the future.
I am so excited!!! I submitted this four months ago and had given up hope of hearing back. It doesn't pay anything, but that is alright. This site has a forum and other readers critique each piece that is published. It may be painful because I don't know anyone so there is no reason for them to hold back their punches. I can't wait! I know it is a great opportunity to see what people really think and make improvements.

Now, if only that other piece I submitted comes through. That one is to a paid magazine. How validating will that be??? *keeps fingers crossed*

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Jennifer M said...

that's such fun news! way to go!g