Monday, November 9, 2009

Smoked Buddha

So, I decided I need to write some of the funny things my kids say so I don't forget them. The problem is they say them at times when I am no where near the computer or a notebook to write them down and so I forget them anyway. However, yesterday on the way home from church, there was a very funny conversation that went something like this:

Ashlee: Mom, what are we having for dinner?
Me: I don't know, we will just have to see what we have when we get home.
Kiah: Do we have any smoked Buddha?
A pause...
Me: No...why would we have smoked Buddha?
Kiah: Isn't that the cheese you bought for the macaroni and cheese?
Me: Do you mean smoked Gouda?
Kiah: Oh, yeah that sounds right. What's smoked Buddha?
Me: Buddha was the leader of a religious movement.
Kiah: Oh yeah the fat baby that you rub the belly?
Me: Something like that.
more laughter...

It doesn't look as funny written down, but it sure made the drive home interesting.

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