Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Progress Update

My last post really got some good comments. I really enjoyed reading every one's thoughts and input. I thought I would post a little update on how things are going in our home this week.

Things have been wonderful! Every morning we get up and all the chores have to be done before we can watch TV or go to the pool. The nice thing is that they cleaned on Monday and have kept things mostly clean. So, Tuesday and today it only took about 10 minutes and everything was done. Not fighting or micromanaging their cleaning has given me extra energy to keep the kitchen clean. (Well it is actually a mess right now because I had a late night chocolate craving and baked something yummy and messy!)

Between the pool and playing with the neighborhood kids, my kids have not had time to fight with each other. At least not very much. :) I haven't even put any "plan" into action. I have noticed that when I tell them something my voice sounds different. Maybe they can just tell that I am serious this time. It has been really nice. Now, the test is to see if I can make it last.

Oh, and Lindsey, I regularly record Ashlee throwing her tantrums and make her watch them. I'm always threatening to post them on this blog. I hope you never get to see one, but now that I am following through with all my "threats" you just might get the chance. I really hope not!

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