Friday, May 29, 2009

Changes and Giveaways

Well, this week I started making changes on my Food Blog. All the details are over there, but in a nutshell I am moving my focus to my running. I really need something to get me motivated to keep running. There will still be new recipes, but I want to take more time to find really good healthy recipes. This means I need to spend more time doing research to educate myself, so the recipes will be spread out more than they have been in the past.

I am also doing my first Give Away on the new Running Blog. It isn't much, but I have to start somewhere. :) So, head on over and take a look, sign up for the exercise activity log. While you are at it, do me a favor and click on one of the ads to the right if there is one that sounds interesting. You don't have to buy anything, but I get 7 cents for each click. :) Hey, gotta try something. ;)


edith said...

So, do you need 14 weeks to prepare for a 5k? Cause maybe....there is always a fourth of July race here.

Charity said...

I think you could be ready for a 5k in a month. I'm saying that because I know that you are not morbidly over weight, and you run around after/with your kids on a daily basis. I posted a schedule on my food blog.

If I were you and I wanted to be ready by the 4th of July, I would try running 5 minutes, walking 2.5 minutes repeated four times(stage 3) and see how it feels. If it was hard but you could do it then I would do it once more on a second day and then on day 3 I would move up a stage. This might make more sense when you see the chart. :) I'll email you.