Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged again!

Ok, Edith tagged me, which is only fair because I think I tagged her for something a few months ago. I actually thought this was really fun, even if some of the pictures are a little too scary and telling for me. :) If I tagged you, just go take pictures of what your house looks like "in real life." I took all of these pictures right after I learned I was tagged. Some areas were almost clean, others were not, have fun! I am going to tag Flori, Amy, Jenny, Jennifer, Meghan and Kristen. I know that Laura is out of town for a month, so Jenny, you will have to tag her. :)

1. Laundry room--Well, it is more of a closet. It is never "clean" but I can just close the doors. Those are our pool bags (passes, goggles, sunscreen, etc) hanging on the knobs.

2. Favorite Room--this is our dining room, but we use it as the piano/library. It has this great comfy chair for reading, lots of light during the day, and I love the colors. It is also usually clean because there is not much for the kids in this room. It is kind of small, with only three walls, which makes it cozy.

3. Kids doing?--driving me crazy? Actually when I started this they were all asleep for the night. I figure I post enough news and pictures of them that I will stick with that answer.

4. Favorite shoes?--These are my running shoes. I miss wearing my running shoes :) These are the shoes that I wore when Nathan and I ran the Country Music half marathon. I know they are going to take me on many more miles! This picture answers another question--Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Ummm, looks like a no on that one.

5.Toilet--Ok, it looked clean enough without my contacts in. Then I put the picture on the computer and almost died. But this is real life, I'm just sorry to admit it.

6. Kitchen sink--It wasn't that bad! I had washed some dishes before going upstairs to check email. Lucky for me! There is usually an assortment of clean and dirty in my sink. I'm always telling the kids, "You put your plate on the clean side again!" You can also see that it was fairly late at night when I started this blog project.

7. Fridge--Well, I don't think you can see the hand smudges around the handle, but they are there. It is mostly clutter free thanks to the wall space in the laundry "hall". You can see a bit of it in the picture.

8. Self Portrait--I don't like this one at all. You just can not take a good picture of yourself no matter how hard you try! I don't think I look this pudgy when I look in the mirror. Oh, well.

9.Closet--Well, we have room, it just isn't clean. It seems like we clean and "organize" this closet weekly and it just doesn't stick. You can see that I need to do laundry thanks to the empty drawer and all the hangers. I think our hangers are multiplying. I keep taking them out to the girls room, but we always seem to have about 100 more hangers than we need. We have never bought a dresser in our whole married life. We have this one that my mom gave us. We share it, 3 drawers each and then we fold jeans and stuff and put on the shelves. I think it is almost time to invest in a bedroom suit with dressers for each of us!

10. Dream Vacation--Can you guess from the pictures?
Yes, Anne of Green Gables is still my favorite movie of all time. I love the beautiful scenery throughout the movie and would love to visit Canada. This first picture is of "Green Gables" today. Someone on Prince Edward Island has set it up inside and it is open to the public. Neat huh?


edith said...

Good for you on the tag. Have you ever read my favorite L. M. Montgomery book, The Blue Castle?

Charity said...

Ooo, I haven't, but I will go check it out from the library! I needed a title to look for, thanks!

Jennifer M said...

Love it, Charity. As soon as I muster the courage I'll do it too!

Kristen & Matt said...

So I was tagged and all ready to take pictures...and the batteries on my camera are dead! And you know I'll be cleaning my toilet tomorrow while the batteries are charging.

Jenny said...

I will do it as soon as I can...although I have to say now of all times Charity!!!!! I can hardly keep my laundry up! Shame on you!!! :)

Charity said...

:) Sorry Jenny, and no fair Kristen! Hee hee, I can't wait to see all your pictures.