Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Side Bar Items

Some of you may have noticed that I have added some new links to the right side of this blog. This is a list of some of my favorite things, and I will add to it as I find new great things I want to share. There is a link to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is the best place to find answers to your questions if you don't feel comfortable asking me (I hope you would be fine asking me).

There is a link to some of the best Sunday DVDs that I've ever watched. Our family owns all eight of the Liken videos. All are excellent and full of fun. They all teach a valuable lesson using scripture stories to illustrate how Heavenly Father would have us act. A child is faced with a choice to make and someone tells them the story to help them decide. Each child uses their imagination to "see" the stories, because of this there is humor (a child's viewpoint can be great!) but they also bring the spirit into your home. The Bible series includes stories about Esther--the value of fasting, Daniel and the Lions--the value of prayer, David and Goliath--the value of conquering our fears and trusting in God, and the Christmas Story--the value of love and sacrifice. The Book of Mormon series includes stories about Nephi--the value of obedience, Ammon and the Lamanites--A Mighty Change of Heart, Alma--the value of faith, and Samuel the Lamanite--the value of courage. If you have any questions ask me or click on the Liken link. It is a purchase you will never regret. They are currently working on the story of Jonah. I can't wait!

I also have links to some of my friends online shops or sites. Check them out!

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