Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happiness Project Update

We have been working on our family "Happiness Project" for almost a month now. I can see a difference in our home life already. The kids still fight and yell and drive me crazy :) but it is not as often as before. Instead of the constant bickering we only have 1 or 2 major battles a day. Hee hee, may not sound like a success, but I know that with perserverance it will continue to improve.

Heavenly Father truly knows what we need in our lives to be happy and to grow closer to Him. Our family has been so busy that we have not made the time to nurture our own relationships. So, Heavenly Father blessed me with wonderful girlfriends who all have excellent ideas! I've learned a lot from all of them and want to share some things with you from each of them. These lessons have encouraged me to keep striving each day to be just a little bit better.

  • Flori--I have NEVER heard Flori yell at her children. What a wonderful example of patience and loving guidance. (ok, I know I said one each, but Flori has also taught me that it is ok to say no to people, even those you love and would like to help.)

  • Shan--She is always there to talk and share of wealth of experience. From her I have learned that it is not only ok, but normal to need a break from your kids. We all need something in our lives that allow us to have a name other than "mom" as great as it is. Shan introduced me to Gretchen's Happiness Blog. So thanks for getting us a plan we can actually work on!

  • Laura--Laura keeps me sane! I love her practical and realistic approach to life. She has always been supportive of me. My favorite quote from Laura right now is, "You will always find a reason to need more money." That was a huge eye opener for me. I had taken a job originally to regain my personal identity, but it very quickly turned sour. Money is always nice, but being happy is worth so much more. She helped me see that I am happier at home taking care of my family. Thank you!

  • Penny--Penny has taught me to slow down and enjoy the few peaceful moments that I have. She has also taught me that family is always worth the effort that you put into them.

When we started our Happiness Project I wanted to take some of the things that I learned from my friends and incorporate them into my life. I'm not perfect...yet :) but hopefully I am a little better today than I was yesterday. My personal goals have been to slow down and enjoy my children's childhood. I can always clean, work, or play on my own after they have all grown up and moved away. Now is the only time that I will have with them. I am trying to take a breath before fussing at them so that I can be a better teacher and not just the "rule giver".

I know that as mother's we set the tone for our homes. I've been making little course corrections in my own life to set a better example, but the Lord knows how to encourage us to do more! Sometimes it is with trials to overcome, or with blessings. Luckily for me, this new motivation is truly a blessing. On Sunday, our ward was split for the second time in less than two years, and Nathan was called as the Bishop for the new ward. I know that he will do a wonderful job because serving and loving others is truly who he is. Now I am motivated to do my best to let him serve the Lord by doing my part to support him. My goal has always been to provide a clean and loving home that is a little bit of heaven on earth. Unfortunately, I am human and that is not always possible, but now I have already felt blessed with a new strength and motivation to keep trying. That is priceless!

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edith said...

So, as much as I love to read comments on my blog, I seldom make any on other peoples'. I need to repent of that.
I think this "happiness project" is a great idea. I'm sure we're going to need something like that as soon as the kids get bored of being out of school for the summer.
Did I ever thank you for so patiently allowing me to hang out at your house all the time back when we were neighbors? It helped a lot during my postpartum depression just to have someone to talk to who could talk back.