Monday, May 5, 2008

Catch up photos and the Happiness Project

The boys packing for Nathan's trip to Texas a few weeks ago.
A Sunday walk in the woods.
Contemplating the beauty of our earth.
Work those muscles! (he's holding up the rock)
For Family Home Evening tonight we talked about starting a family "Happiness Project." I have added a link to the blog that I got the idea from. :) The goal is to find the things that make you happy. You become happy by acting happy and so on. I picked things for the next year for us to work on.Basically we have a goal for each month of the year, with a few suggestions on how to accomplish that goal. This month we are working on our family relationships (strengthening bonds and cutting down on fighting and negativity).

Some of the actions on our list are: "Sing in the morning, hugging day, spread family cheer, be a storehouse of happy memories, acknowledge the reality of others feelings (my favorite), engaged listening, cultivate rituals and traditions and take time for projects. All of our actions are in addition to our daily scripture study and family prayers. We have a chart and every night during scripture study we will pick what we want to do the next day. Today we took on a project and planted flowers in our front flower beds. Tomorrow is hugging day! You might have to enlarge the picture to actually see the flowers. :) If they live and grow I'll take another picture when they get full and beautiful.


Kristen & Matt said...

What a great idea! We could use some happiness in our family, my girls have been fighting alot lately. I'll have to check out the site. And your flowers are beautiful!:)

Charity said...

Hugging day turned out really nice. I think we all needed more hugs. We still had one major fight, but that was an improvement! I'll send you the 12 month chart. You just change it to what you want to work on and put your own ideas in it so it fits your family. :)

Amy & the boys said...

Your home is beautiful- all that green. We are just starting to bloom around here.

Charity said...

Thank you! We love Charlotte for many reasons. The lush green and lack of snow is one of our favorite parts. :) I would love to have everyone move out here with us.