Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day of Cakes

A few views of the pile of ingredients as I began a day of baking. I was making a 4 layer Bride's cake and a 3 layer groom's cake. By the time I thought of taking pictures I already had 2 cakes in the oven, but this is only about 30 minutes into the 8 hours that I put in today.

A couple of hours later I was almost finished when I ran out of plastic wrap. Since I am leaving tomorrow for Nashville, I was hired to make the cakes and hand them over for someone else to decorate. I was surprised at how much I WANTED to decorate them after working so hard to bake them. Oh, well, next time. Oh, that square of white is 4 lbs of buttercream icing.
Almost done. I had to take a picture of the bottom layer before I stacked it because it looked so yummy with the strawberries. I just wanted to eat it!
I stacked them to make sure the dowel rods would hold the weight, and because I was curious to see how tall it would be. The brides cake was as follows: 12 in white with almond flavoring and strawberries, 10 in orange juice cake, 8 in banana cake and 6 in same as bottom. The grooms cake was: 10 in chocolate covered cherry, 8 in chocolate chip and 6 in mint chocolate.
This was dinner! :)


Amy & the boys said...

Wow- that is amazing. I have never even attempted something like that. I want to see the next ones that you decorate. I wish I could taste one of those!

Kristen & Matt said...

Yummm that strawberry one sounds amazing--I would love to taste it!! My favorite pic is the one of dinner...who wants to cook dinner after all that cake making?

Charity said...

Hee hee, I agree. Plus Nathan wasn't home from Texas so I didn't want to cook anyway. The kids were happy and I didn't add to the mess.