Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baldy and Step Class

Cole's hair was getting quite long and wispy on top, so we decided to cut it. Those of you with young children know that the only way to cut a 16 month old's hair is to buzz cut it. Adam always looked cute with his buzz cut. Cole's hair is a lot fairer, and so it looks a little funny. I can't wait till it grows back out. :)

We are working on getting rid of the pacifier. It is supposed to stay in his bed, with his bear(which he carries around by the scarf). The other kids however love to get the pacie for him whenever he wants it. Luckily we are down to the last pacifier.

I don't know if I mentioned that we joined a gym in January, well we did. :) We are paying for the family rate so the kids can go swim while we work out. Tonight Kiah decided to go try the step aerobics class with me. She did so good! Step is hard! It requires a lot of coordination, and Kiah kept moving and never gave up. She said she enjoyed it and even talked about doing it with me next week! Maybe this will be something special we can do together.

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