Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Inside decorations

We did not do a lot of decorating inside this year since Cole is into everything. Although, after making that decision he has not been much of a problem after the first day. He likes to stand by the tree and go "oooo!" I wish you could see the mantel better because it looks really nice. We have two green cut glass trees on the floor that you can barely see. I've also added a picture of the Santa collection.

Side Note: For those who have not seen our house, we LOVE color. Our living room colors where chosen to match a painting that Nathan bought me one year for mother's day. Two walls are chocolate and then the other two are blue. You can't tell from the tree picture, but it really works! We love it anyway. It does make it hard to decide on curtains, and thus after a year and a few months we are still curtain-less. :)


Rob & Amy said...

Looks nice!

AZ Larsens said...

Oh my heck...Charity, this is Christy (Wamsley), Jenny's friend from Utah a million years ago, do you remember me?! Remember you and Nathan drove my car to have your 2nd baby and couldn't turn down the radio so you had to listen to Metallica at full blast while you were in labor? (lol) I just saw Jenny's blog and saw your blog listed on hers so I jumped over to look at it, and I can't believe how old your kids are! You guys look great, what a cute family! Anyway, I have 3 kids of my own now, you can check out my blog if you want!

Jenny said...

LOL Christy! That is a funny storY! I miss you!

Charity said...

Yes! I remember. I forgot about the music. I was just gratful to get to the hospital. :) Your boys are so cute. I love blogs! They make it so easy to catch up with people.

Jen, yours looks great too!