Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Cole!

Yesterday was Cole's first birthday. We went on a field trip with Adam to Patterson Farms. I think both boys really enjoyed it. There were lots of animals to look at and feed, as well as a tractor ride. Cole watched Adam help build a scarecrow and then both boys got to "pick" a pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch.

The rest of us are doing great. Keeping busy and going crazy. Nathan is busy with work and church responsibilies. In fact, it seems we have more online conversations than live face to face conversations--at least that is our little joke. :) I recently took a new job doing our neighborhood's newsletter that goes out to 800 homes. I am responsible for getting advertisers, gathering relevant local news, editing the HOA Board's submissions, and I even get to design a few of the ads. It has been a great challenge so far and I love it!

The kids are all growing like crazy. A couple of weeks ago, our family sang a song in the primary program along with another family. Kiah stood next to me and I was shocked at how tall she was. Granted she was wearing heals too, but she is past my shoulders! Ashlee and Kiah are both avid readers which I am greatful for, but it makes it hard to get them to go to sleep at night. Adam and Cole run 100 miles an hour all day, but will go to bed by 8 or 8:30 easily every night. Adam loves kindergarten. I love having the three of them in school. Cole and I can enjoy nice quiet days.

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