Saturday, October 1, 2016

Best Family Vacation Ever!

This goes down as one of the best vacations ever. Maybe it's because we haven't been on a real vacation in four years. We've been lucky to go visit family, and Nathan and I have "run away" to the temple, but this was our first unplug and have nothing but fun vacation in a while.

Our thinking was this:

Kiah and Ashlee could be leaving our home any day (in 3-4 months for sure) to go on a mission and start college. Life will never be the same again. We really wanted one great memory to carry us into the next stage of our life.

You can view some of my favorite photos HERE.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! A family vacation is great right before big changes.

Unknown said...

Did I ever tell you we were just there at the same inflatables beach in June? That was the day after I got my worst sunburn since becoming an adult and I totally sulked in the shade the whole time. And still got a new sunburn on my neck because I thought I would be safe!
So fun to see your pics!

edith said...

That was Edith, btw, I tried to sign in but failed, apparently.