Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Where Did A Year Go?

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted anything on the family blog! Sorry, about that if anyone is still around to notice.

Anyway, I've blogged at least monthly on my author blog. Those have been more personal lately than writing related. At least it isn't just writing topics over there. If you want to catch up with me, that's probably the best place to do it--Charity's Writing Journey.

Here's a quick update family wise.

Nathan is teaching and traveling more for work. He seems to enjoy it, but it is tiring for all of us. He still loves working for Walmart though, so that is a good thing.

We finally sold our second house! Getting back to only one mortgage is wonderful. However, it won't feel much different because...

Kiah has finished her mission paperwork and we are now waiting for the next step in that process! We are excited for her and will make sure to keep you posted.

Ashlee has filled out her application to college and is also waiting for the next step! She hopes to start the winter term/semester next year.

It's hard to think that in 5 months half of my kids could be moving out of the house!

Adam starts high school this year and will be in the marching band. Nathan and I both are looking forward to getting more involved with all that entails.

Cole is also moving to a new school, and I hope he will love it. He's still my school kid. He'd rather be at school than anywhere else. I sure hope that lasts!

I'll be substitute teaching again this year until Ashlee leaves. Then I'll be back to driving for seminary which makes subbing impossible. That will be a mixed blessing I think. Maybe I'll get back to writing, or maybe I'll get some half day jobs. Who knows. I'm trying to go with the flow and take it day by day. NOT my strong suit.

Perhaps the best news of the last month is that we will have floors in our house by the end of the week! After walking on the subfloors for a year, we finally got the tile in. Pictures to come soon.

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Flori said...

I'm still checking!!! loved getting the update on your family, especially since I'm not on FB. So many exciting things. Sarah Jane is going to do marching band too (pit percussion) and I can't believe how intense the practices are! Every day for long hours.
Our family blog has a link to Maddie's mission blog where we are posting pictures and letters from Peru! We will be excited to hear about Kiah's mission call. Miss you guys!!