Wednesday, August 19, 2015

House Progress!

I've been updating on Facebook, but let's see if I can catch up on the blog.
Ashlee helped Nathan remove and cover the stairs to the garage.
Adam helped switch out all the ceiling fans.

Then we moved into our unfinished construction zone.
Nathan finished the master closet and put in the shelves. Eventually, we will get drawers for the bottom half.
Today we (not us, but James from Lowe's) started laying floor in the great room.
I love them!!
While James laid tile, we decided to try installing the wall cabinets for the kitchen. I mean, why not?
After getting them all up, level and everything, we realized the wrong ones had been ordered. Well the sizes got swapped. That's why the bottom ones don't line up. Don't worry, we figured out how to fix the problem without having to start all over or move what we did today. Now we just have to wait for the two new cabinets we ordered as well as the three we were already missing because they came damaged the first time. 
All in all, we've accomplished a lot this week, but Nathan goes back to work next week. Things will slow WAY down. Plus, we still have to sell the other house before we can purchase the rest of the building supplies--appliances, countertops, island and floors for this side of the house.

It's a good thing my mom's attached apartment has a working kitchenette. Although it's smallish and a bit frustrating at times, it's working.

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