Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scary and Exciting Times

We've been waiting to buy a particular home for the last four months. Our hope was to sell our current house first, but that hasn't happened...yet. However, with the beginning of school quickly approaching, as well as the desire to do some renovations before moving in, we decided to go ahead and buy the second home.

It's terrifying in one way, but after months of praying about it we still feel good about this decision.

Today we closed and immediately got started.


 After 4 hours

Now we just need the dumpster to arrive. :) Saturday we are going to try our hand at scraping the popcorn ceilings. Once the dumpster shows up we will clear out the debris and rip up the carpet and tile so it will be ready for the new floors to be installed. Finally, we will get a new kitchen straight from my dreams.

It's so exciting to finally be working on the new house. Although it's quite a bit older than our current home, the potential and space is wonderful!

I'll post regular pictures while we work. Here's some of my favorites from today.
I got to take the first swings with the sledgehammer. 
Kiah had just come from work. This is about all she could do before going to take a nap in another room. She's had pneumonia again this summer and hasn't quite recovered. 
Cole was in heaven!
Ashlee was a beast! She's always been a great worker.

Adam and Ashlee kept fighting over the sledgehammer. I wish they did that with the opportunity to load the dishwasher!
At one time everyone was working on the same wall.
He couldn't lift the sledgehammer but did lots of damage with the crowbar.
More to come!

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edith said...

How exciting! Just a word of warning--popcorn ceilings sometimes have asbestos in them--you probably knew that already.
I think it would be so interesting to remodel an old house with good bones. More fun than building, in many ways.
Good luck!