Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End of Year Family Letter

We've mailed our Christmas cards and I know I missed a lot of people that I wanted to send one too. Addresses may have changed or I just haven't heard from you in a while, but no worries, I'm posting the letter here in the hopes some of you may find it.

2010 flew by! It has been a busy year in the Bradford house. Here’s a look at our year:
Nathan and I ran the Country Music half marathon in April for the third year in a row. Nathan improved his time by fifteen minutes! He still works for Bank of America as a Leadership Development Consultant, but now does most of it online from home, which is wonderful! He hopes to move into a HR manger role in January. He still serves as Bishop of our ward, which keeps him pretty busy.
My race time was within a minute of the previous two years. At least I’m consistent! I worked on my book a lot this year. Ask my family, I’m sure they’re sick of it. In September I sent out a few query letters to agents and received some positive feedback. I participated in National Novel Writing Month in November once again serving as Municipal Liaison. I love encouraging others to meet their writing goals.

Kiah (13) is now in her last year of middle school. She got braces in February and has had a great time picking new colors each month to coordinate with holidays. She is enjoying young women’s and went to camp for the first time this year, but had to leave early due to pneumonia. She has been improving her piano playing.

Ashlee (11) started middle school, and as far as I can tell is in heaven. She is our social butterfly extraordinaire! She completed her Faith in God Award. She is a great helper to us around the house, and Cole loves his big sister. Both girls have been singing in choir at church.

Adam (8) turned eight and was baptized. Many of the older women in the ward call him little Bishop because he is so attentive to everyone and looks sharp in his suit. He also started cub scouts and loves it!

Cole (4) rules the house. He loves his trucks and plays Bob the Builder outside for hours on end. He doesn’t need anyone to play with him as long as he is working on his road or “pouring cement”. He loves going to IKEA to play in the play area.

Goals for 2011:
Nathan—run a 1/2 marathon in February and a full marathon in April. Do something interesting enough to put in our Christmas letter next year.

Charity—run a ½ marathon in February and a full marathon in April. Continue querying to get an agent.

Kiah—survive the 8th grade and make it to High School where she can take orchestra again.

Ashlee—make the school basketball team.

Adam—start running 5k races.

Cole—keep building his roads and start pre-school.


Jennifer M said...

Fun update! Love your family.

(Merry Christmas!)

Sarah Ragatz said...

Haha. Your runnng shirt says Run Like a Mother. Thats funny.

edith said...

Nice to see your Christmas update! I've been following your writing blog but don't often comment as I am generally unqualified. Still, very excited for you. Good luck on the running this year. My sister signed a lot of us up for a team running thing this coming summer, so I'm gonna have to get my shoes back on as soon as Christmas is over.