Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today was Lady's birthday. We have been struggling with the idea of finding a new home for her, or keeping her ourselves. We love our little Lady, but as our kids get older and busier, we have less time for her. I feel bad when she doesn't get out for a walk, and the kids don't play with her. Today, I took Lady to stay with Karen. They are going to try things out for the weekend and see if Lady can get along with the cats that already live there. It is really a bitter-sweet day. We've all cried tears, but we know that in the long run Lady will get more love and attention at Karen's house.

Here is a photo history of some of our moments with Lady.

Karen and Lady, March 1, 2008

A new beginning


Jenny said...

She looks like a nice lady! Lady is going to be really happy.

Rob & Amy said...

She is so tiny and adorable!

Charity said...

She was such a good puppy, but she kept getting out and then not wanting to come back in. I was afraid the neighbors were going to start complaining because not everyone liked her. She knew that and barked at the ones that didn't like her and would try and chase them away from the house.